Policy in the field of quality, labor protection, industrial safety, ecology and energy management 


         Kazakhoil Aktobe LLP is one of the largest companies in the oil production sector of Aktobe region, producing hydrocarbons from the Alibekmola and Kozhasai fields for the benefit of its employees, the Company’s Members and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

        The Company recognizes that creating healthy and safe working conditions, reducing the risk of occupational injuries and occupational diseases through the elimination of harmful and hazardous factors, the priority of life and health of the Company’s employees and contractors operating in the interests of the Company, prevention of the threat of occupational injuries, accidents at hazardous production facilities, environmental damage and rational use of consumed fuel and energy resources are the most important aspects of the Company’s activities.

         In order to achieve the goals and maintain an integrated management system (IMS) that meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 50001:2018, we undertake to:

  • comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, internal requirements governing the Company’s activities in the field of occupational health and safety, use of energy resources, energy saving, industrial safety and environmental protection;
  • striving for mutually beneficial partnership, to constantly analyze the requirements and expectations of the consumer, employees and Participants of the Company and others and on this basis to form the Company’s development programs;
  • continuously improve production processes and methods, reduce costs by increasing the share of renewable and alternative energy in the Company’s total energy balance;
  • demonstrate leadership aimed at developing a culture of health, safety, environment, energy efficiency and improving the IMS system;
  • apply a process approach based on risk and opportunity assessment;
  • procure energy efficient equipment with improved reliability and energy performance;
  • to manage efficient use of energy resources based on regular assessment of significant energy consumers, monitoring, measurement and analysis of key characteristics of the energy management system;
  • implement a set of preventive measures aimed at preventing occupational injuries and deterioration of employee health;
  • improve the level of competence of the Company’s employees in the field of management, labor protection, industrial safety, ecology and energy efficiency, increase involvement of personnel at all levels in IMS improvement;
  • to continuously reduce industrial risks in production processes, protect the environment and prevent pollution through rational use and consumption of energy resources.

  The Company’s senior management assumes responsibility and ensures that all necessary resources and information are allocated to implement this Policy, Goals and Objectives. Expects each employee to actively participate in the implementation of this Policy.