Water resources management

Basic principles on water resources management of

Kazakhoil Aktobe LLP 8 «water» rules

1. We realize the highest value of water for human life and health. for society and our production activities, and unconditionally accept the importance of careful and rational treatment of the country’s water resources.

2. We strive not only to fulfill the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also to comply with international standards and best practices, as well as to take into account the opinions of all stakeholders in the region where we operate.

3. we take fresh water conservation and efficiency into account when making management decisions and managing operations.

4. We understand and evaluate the original sources of our water intake, whether the water is taken directly or purchased through intermediaries.

5. We are committed to not using potable quality water for production purposes.

6. We strive for one hundred percent metering of water withdrawals and water disposal.

7. We strive to maximize the reduction of fresh water intake through the implementation of water recycling and water saving technologies, and to reduce discharges by striving to improve the quality of water treatment to maximize possible reuse.

8. We build capacity by participating in industry associations and supporting international water initiatives to learn best practices to continuously improve our water management system.

 Acting General Director      Zhang Hui