Environmental monitoring

The partnership annually develops programs of industrial environmental control. In accordance with which quarterly environmental monitoring of emissions, discharges, air and soil pollution is carried out at the fields by specialized organizations having an accredited laboratory. The analyses show that the impact of the enterprise on atmospheric air, groundwater and soil pollution does not exceed the maximum permissible concentrations of hygienic standards.

Atmospheric air

There are 2 automated stationary environmental monitoring stations (EMS) located on the territory and on the border of the company’s sanitary protection zone. The stationary monitoring stations are located in the nearest settlements – Zharkemir and Kozhasai. This system includes collection, systematization and analysis of information related to sources and factors of impact and the state of the environment as a whole. The condition of all components of the natural environment – air, water and soil – is monitored to prevent environmental damage as a result of the company’s operations, including the health of the company’s employees or residents of neighboring communities. Monitoring is carried out in real time using analyzers that provide continuous automatic measurement of pollutant concentrations, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S).


The site involves soil sampling points to document quarterly monitoring of general and localized soil quality. Soil monitoring sampling points are set up with wind direction to determine the potential spread of contamination through off-site wind. The location of soil sampling points may vary slightly depending on soil composition, soil conditions, and other conditions.

Wastewater monitoring

Monitoring of both industrial and sanitary wastewater allows to control the quality of wastewater discharged to evaporation fields and underground horizons and ensures compliance with established environmental standards of the RK. Wastewater monitoring is carried out at the point of discharge to evaporation fields. Frequency of sampling and analysis of samples are carried out in accordance with the industrial environmental control program

The field camps have treatment facilities for domestic wastewater treatment:

Kozhasai camp, treated wastewater is discharged to evaporation fields

Alibekmola camp, treated wastewater is discharged to evaporation fields;

The contractor organization conducts quarterly sampling of wastewater for compliance with PDS norms.

Groundwater monitoring

In order to obtain information on the state of the environment and assess the degree of impact as a result of the company’s activities, the company carries out regular and continuous industrial monitoring of groundwater. Groundwater monitoring is carried out for the first two aquifers from the surface through a network of observation wells.