Energy consumption and energy saving

Optimization of energy resources used is one of the key areas of the Company’s activities, within which the Company pays special attention to improving the energy efficiency of production processes. The strategic importance of the implementation of tasks in this area is set forth in the Company’s policy.

The main energy objectives facing the Company are as follows:

– To perform on a regular basis procedures for informing personnel about the level of energy efficiency of the enterprise and promoting energy efficiency;

– conduct periodic energy surveys to identify the enterprise’s potential for energy saving and energy efficiency improvement.

– determine and set energy efficiency indicators based on energy analysis in accordance with the nature of use and amount of energy consumed;

– regularly monitor and measure the Company’s energy efficiency level, develop and implement plans for investment, organizational, technical and technological measures to systematically improve its energy performance;

We are actively working to improve energy efficiency and optimize the use of energy resources in the Company. To achieve energy goals, the Company has an energy management system certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO50001:2018.